Enterprise Java Architecture Workshop

EJAW is filling an intellectual and educational niche for senior technical contributors.  There are very few outlets for senior technical contributors to share their experiences, engage in thought-provoking discussions and learn from others.  Technology courses and conferences are plentiful but they do not really meet the needs of the senior contributors.

EJAW, on the other hand, presents a coordinated set of enterprise architecture topics: persistence, object-relational mapping, transactions and concurrency control, scalability, fault tolerance, design for scalability, clustering, integration, messaging and how to minimize the risk of an unsound architecture.  The discussions about these topics are applied to a challenging, real-world problem:  to design and architect an on-line auction system with requirements similar to eBay®.

Previous workshop participants have made very positive comments, indicating that EJAW is definitely meeting the educational and intellectual needs of senior technical contributors.

Other outlets for senior technical contributors?
  • Technology courses are usually too basic for senior technical contributors. Often such courses present a technology and give the students a chance to program using the technology.  Most courses are geared to less experienced technical folks, not to those who could be teaching the course!
  • Conferences are organized as a cornucopia of presentations on somewhat related topics.  The organizers of conferences try to bring together hundreds of people and the business requirements to make a conference work are substantial.  Conference speakers have their own agendas – often they agree to speak in order to promote their books, open-source projects or research initiatives. While conferences are fine, they are not usually organized as a coordinated set of topics to meet a specific goal.

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