Enterprise Java Architecture Workshop

A fantastic opportunity to learn and share in the experiences of others.

Andy Yung, The St. Paul Companies

Bruce rocks

Vibhu Srinivasan, SpiderLogic

I cannot wait to apply the lessons I have learned to my current project.

Richard Wiseman, American Management Systems, Inc.

It's a well presented survey of architectural issues surrounding
EJB in the company of your peers.

Lawrence Edelstein,

Found it to provide an excellent overview of the material I need to focus on, in order to be a successful J2EE architect.

Paul Kavanagh, Softface Inc.


Deepak Singh, Robert Half International

I got overall knowledge of the J2EE architecture.

Lukas Busek, Qiagen Operon

Good complement for Java architecture planning and design from Sun.

Cristian Medeleanu, Teranet Inc.

An open and frank discussion about architectural approaches with J2EE.

Glen Mah, Demand Data Services

A good mix of experiences and theory.

Martin Hilferink, Ikea

It was very informative and rich in content. We should have the group come back and reevaluate how they applied it at work.

Elizabeth Johnson, Texas State Government

Required for a J2EE Architect.

Chen Zhang, Avance PCS

This course gave me the added assrance in my skill set and allowed me to retool and "raise the bar". -- Bruce Rocks!

Lamon Gray, Georgia Department of Revenue

Very effective.

Shuchi Mittal, CheckFree Corporation

Most productive and useable course I've attended.

Lou Horner, Bank of America

Of all the courses I've taken, this provided the best student interaction and opportunity to leverage the knowledge and experience of the instructor and of the attendees.

Mark Willis, Carlson Marketing Group

This course was practically relevant and useful to my job!

Alex Torres, Advance PCS

Overall I was quite satisfied with the course.

Vic Siddiqi, Advance PCS

One of the best courses that I've taken.

Doris Cheng, Demand Data Services

This course was excellent, right on target for objectives and the instructor was very knowledgeable in the field.

Timothy Grewe, Nielsen Media Research

Excellent job by the instructor, Bruce Martin. His wealth of knowledge made the course.

Ronald Cooksey, Nielsen Media Research

Bruce Martin is very knowledgeable about the aspects of system architecture. Excellent instructor.

Jeff Baker, Nielsen Media Research

Very positive -- one of the best courses I've ever been on -- the week flew by!

Colm Daly, Chordiant Software

The team discussions were very helpful for more understanding.

Arnd Empting, Siemens

Exactly what someone would expect from a course with this title.

Eduardo Estefano, Siemens

Very interesting and "brainstorming" experience.

Ekkehard Janas, Siemens

The class was very enjoyable. There was a lot of information presented in a timely and easy to understand format.

Level 3


Level 3

Instructor's knowledge and presentation gave good encouragement to dig deeper into the topics that were covered.

Thomas Koenij, Cardinal Solutions

A taste of the power of J2EE Architectures.

Cardinal Solutions

The course was a good in-depth review of issues surrounding
EJB technology.

David Gray,

Class made me think -- not just sit and soak in instructor's lecture.

Rita Riley, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Excellent course providing valuable opportunities for the exchange of experience.

Robert Morschel, Fidelity Investments

The quality of the instructor and the course surpassed my expectations.

Yagiz Erkan, DeCare Systems Ireland

Best technical training course I've been on.

Sarah Lowe, Sapient

Engaging and valuable experience. A rare thing for technology training courses.

James Ireland, Sapient

It was very good. What I expected.

Dinusha Ileperuma, Sapient

Excellent way to share, extend and deepen your understanding of EJB/J2EE.

Khahil Rehman, Senicom

The course helped me to think about top level approach for J2EE App design/architecture

Gep de Valk, Effective IT

This course reinforced and strengthened my knowledge of EJBs.

Geetha Ramaswamy, SBC

Discover the reality instead of the hype!

Jonathan Frame, PA Consulting Group

A useful course taught by someone who knew what they were talking about, not just from an academic perspective.

Alistar Baldwin, Nomura International Plc

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