Enterprise Java Architecture Workshop
Where and When

EJAW is offered in both public and private settings.

Public Setting

We hold EJAW periodically around the globe.  We pick the venues and dates based on interest levels. Our current public dates are in the right sidebar.

We are considering additional dates. Please take our poll.

Private Setting

EJAW is also offered in a private setting. Your company decides the venue and dates to offer EJAW to its employees. Contact us to schedule at your venue on your date.

Upcoming EJAW Events

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Previous EJAW Events
Pune, India March 10-12, 2008
Bangalore, India March 3-5, 2008
San Diego December 11-14, 2006
Toronto April 25-28, 2006
Madrid February 20-23, 2006
San Francisco November 1-4, 2005
Madrid June 6-9, 2005
New York City May 31 - June 3, 2005
London December 6-9, 2004

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