Enterprise Java Architecture Workshop

EJAW is offered in both public and private settings.

Public Setting

10-50 people from a wide variety of backgrounds spend a week together.  EJAW works well in a public setting because of the diversity of experiences of the participants.  An added benefit of the public setting is the networking that occurs among the participants.

When we hold EJAW in a public setting, many participants need to travel to the venue.  We try to hold EJAW in desirable venues with chances for evening cultural and recreational activities.  Our public schedule is available here. Please take our poll for additional public offerings.

Private Setting

EJAW is also offered in a private setting. Your company decides the venue and dates to offer EJAW to its employees.  In a private setting the participants usually do not need to travel, unless your company wants to hold it offsite.

EJAW in a private setting results in a different dynamic because the participants work for the same company.  In a large company, EJAW provides a chance for people across organizations to work together and get to know each other.

Contact us for more information about holding EJAW in a private setting.

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